Since 2016, I started to work with found images. as these images are usually not visible by people, like photos taken by satellites or by CCTV cameras. It is an era about data. Sensors on mobile phones collect all kinds of data continuously; countless digital photos and videos shared online every second, our bio metric data is monitored, and even our surfing behaviors and information are collected while reading news sites. I am interested in the relationship between humans and machines, as well as between human beings and artificial intelligence. 
I am also interested in the politics of seeing, vision generates power. In my recent work, I recorded live stream videos found on the internet as my material to make my own narrative short trailer. New technologies brought more conveniences to our life, but it also pushes the human surveillance system to some new highs, and the role of the watcher is gradually being played by AI. Nowadays, it only takes a few minutes to work with AI, unlike the past when it took few days for human to track suspicious activity in surveillance videos. We are deeply involved in the modern ‘Panopticism System’, and have little choice but to participate.

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